Any help is appreciated in trying to find my friend!

Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Your Mission

Someone please help!
I have been searching for Tara Sue Parsons for a few years. She was a dear friend of mine and I have been unable to find her.

So far, here are the details I have from my memory...

  • Tara Sue Parsons
  • She is 29 and graduated from WVU with a degree in Psychology.
  • She went to the Chicago School of Professional Psychology and obtained a PsyD, graduating in 2008.
  • She grew up in St. Albans, West Virginia
  • In college she had a good friend named Mike who worked on a tow boat. Once, he gave me a tow boat tee-shirt.
  • She worked at College Park Summit Suites in college as an Assistant Resident Assistant/Desk Attendant.

Here are the only two pictures I have of for a larger view.


Ralph L. Parsons and (Alma) Sue Parsons (Parents)
626 Carroll Street
St. Albans, WV 25177

I have left a message at this number but I have not had a return call.
Kanawa Co. Tax assessment list Alma Sue Parsons at the above address.
I looked on google maps and the house is the correct one as I remember.

Her mom makes the best mac-n-cheese

Eric L. Parsons (Brother)
May be located in St. Albans, WV or Opelika, AL
304-722-3063 may be the phone number in WV

Kanawa Co. Tax assessment lists Eric Parsons at 616 Washington Street Apt. A.
I do not know if this is correct information.


  1. To the best of my memory she went to the Chicago School of Psychology which places her in that area for about 3 years from 2003-2006. I also have wondered what happened to her as well. I would recommend calling her parents number after 6pm at night to see if they are home. Being a lawyer if you have access to other databases try those.

  2. She did attend Chicago College of Professional Psychologists
    She got her PsyD and Graduated 2008

    See it here

  3. Just attempted to call the 304-727-8373 number for her parents with no answer. I called yesterday as well and left a message.

  4. She may be employed here:

    Kentucky River Community Care
    115 Rockwood Lane
    Hazard, KY, 41701
    Phone Number:
    (606) 436-5761

    Appalachian Regional Healthcare
    ARH Psychiatric Center in Hazard

    Tara Parsons, Psy.D.
    The Chicago School of Professional Psychology (2008) - Staff Psychologist - ARH Psychiatric Center

    Dr. Parsons a staff psychologist at the ARH Psychiatric Center. She is interested in working with in-patient, severe mental illness and substance abuse patients. She uses CBT and Humanistic/Existential techniques to increase insight, decrease stigma, and elicit change. She grew up in West Virginia and feels a strong personal connection to her work within the Appalachian culture. Dr. Parsons’ recent research involved stereotypes associated with the Appalachian dialect as compared to the General American Dialect.

  6. ARH Psychiatric Center-Hazard
    102 Medical Center Drive
    Hazard, KY 41701
    Phone: (606) 439-1331